Pricing Photographs on


Through the "Chicagoland in Pictures" Project, I already have some photographs in the Chicago Historical Society archive.  Most of Chicago here may also end up there.  So, for a couple of other reasons I will follow their pricing for personal use: $25 plus postage.  $35 for color, 8x12 inch size.  Black & White images are mostly on Ilford portfolio paper 11x14 inches with 1.5 inch borders.

Order by photo number.

Custom work at least double the price.

Publication: I usually accept prevailing rate.  Digital file can be emailed.

Keep ASMP guidelines in mind and for other further complicated matters read the Chicago Historical Society's pricing protocol.

If you would like to donate to help maintain this site: you can use PayPal and also purchases can be made through PayPal.

As you can see, I try to protect my work with a copyright notice across the image.

As to all the other materials added "without permission" to that are not "public domain," I state author and source, maybe.  I am an amateur archivist and not reproachable for sloppy citation!  If legitimate copyright holder objects to what I consider "Fair Use" for my "educational" efforts I will remove them Soviet Style!
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