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Chicago Historical Society
Unfortunately no thumbnail catalog of images.  If you can guess the title of the photo you would like to see, try an Archie "search."

History Matters
Many basic questions about documentary photography answered.

Curt Teich Postcard Archives
Museum dedicated to the Curt Teich Publishing Company which was located in Chicago.  Displays expanded to include the broad history of postcards.  Very searchable.  I have used several Curt Teich postcards for illustration on ChicagoSee.
Full of useful information including a directory of worldwide photographers.

American Memory Projects
The government, of course, has the money to create such an elaborate site with thumbnails for all the photos.  The FSA photos are the model for photography documentation.

Lewis Hine
This reference is for the idea of trying to follow-up on images.  And importance of keeping details on your photographs.  Project sends photos to descendants that had no idea of their existence!

Picture Balata
Palestine Refugee Camp.
A Chicago dedicated photographer set up a project
for kids.  Inspiring and in need of support.

Burkhart Studios
One of the best personal eccentric sites a true bohemian artist in Chicago character!

Facets Multi-Media
One of the nation's largest video rental store.  This links directly to the films about still photography page.  Try all your oddball titles!  1-800-331-6197

Chicago Reader Guide to Arts & Entertainment
A free, four-section, go-to weekly newspaper.  Always current art listings including photography shows.  If I offer any type of Chicago "guideness" it would be Irreverent.

Used bookstore with reasonable prices and knowledgeable staff.  (773) 871-5318  They also link to the Association of Midwest Antiquarian Book Dealers.  You should be able to find your Chicago and photography books through these sources.

The Labor
Chicago Center for Working Class Studies produced this country's first city map of Workers' points of interests.  Mail them $5.00.  Homage to Boston's Freedom Trail map which has tyranny as the enemy.  What they can do to us, what we can do together.  The Labor Struggle.  See my picture of Sam Adams' gravesite.  (Not the beer!)  No. .

Labor Museum
Near St. Louis, MO.  Southwest of Chicago.  But, how many public Museums are dedicated to Workers?

Map Project
"Mapping" in a new way.  Fun trend.  AREA is the Chicago base.

Poster Plus
A nice "Peace and Protest" section.   Serious inquiries on other sources for Political Posters call owner David at (800) 659-1905.
You will see a premiere photography site.
Updated source of their demonstrations and their results.
Chicago activist group devoted to media issues.

Central Camera
The oldest Chicago store still in existence!  With old guys that know stuff.  (312) 427-5580  Old hippies get 5% off their already low prices on supplies...

This is a Yahoo! venture.
"Journalism" brings over 100 sites.
Worldwide photojournalists' sites.
Massive collection of photographers worldwide.  Scroll down to "documentary."
A Central Europe based listing of photographers.
Another linking site.

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